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Quality Policy

 STAR-M CORPORATION provides customers our products with the highest level of quality and give customers a sense of security. It is important to make everything visible and easy for customers to understand. For example, if our products are defective for measuring 1 mm longer than specified, we would investigate where in the process the defect was created and how to prevent the recurrence must be made clear.
 We have operational standards at any processes and commit ourselves to improving these standards every day. This is how we give customers a sense of security by a visible manner. We manage the quality of our products based on the international standard for quality management ISO 9001 so that our customers feel comfortable ordering our products.

Since December 2004, our company has been certified to ISO 9001, a set of international standards on quality management and quality assurance. As a result of the recent growth in the demand for providing high-level products and services, an increasing number of companies in various industries have obtained ISO 9001 certification and begun to value quality assurance and customer satisfaction. We will also make further efforts to continue improving our quality management to provide our customers with reliable quality and services.

Revised on 01 December, 2021
STAR-M Corporation
Tokiko Kobayashi, President

Environmental Policy

 Star-M Co., Ltd. promotes its business in consideration of the prevention of local environment and pollution.

In an era when maintaining and improving the global environment has become a common issue in the world, we at Star-M can be familiar with us by thoroughly complying with laws and regulations in terms of the environment in order to realize a sustainable society that will lead to the next generation. We will accumulate things and work to maintain the local environment.

We will promote the following environmental protection activities we engage in as priority activities.

  1)Energy conservation
  2)Prevention of oil spillage (into soil and water)
  3)Utilization of clean energy
  4)Waste reduction
  5)Recycling of resources

We will review it regularly and operate ISO14001 while being aware of the points for improvement.

Revised on 01 December, 2021
Tokiko Kobayashi, President

STAR-M has been certified to ISO 14001, the international environmental management systems standard, since February 17 2009.