No.4950 Knot Remover

A set capable of easily regenerating dead knots and missing knots


  • Shave with a taper bit. After that drive wooden plug to regenerate the knot.
  • You can make a wooden plug from twig or round wooden pole.


Usage Wood
Recommended tool(s) Electric Power Drill
RPm Range Less than 1,500 rpm
Material(s) Plug Cutter:Aluminum
Plug Cutter Shank:High Carbon Steel
Replaceable Blade:H.S.S.
Taper Drill:Special Steel
Gauge Ring:Aluminum
Re-Sharpen Taper Drill:Yes (Contact)


  • knot remover size

  • Unit:mm

Product No. Name Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
4950 Set 10 1

※ Set contents: 4950-A Taper Drill / 4950-B plug Cutter / 4950-G Gauge Ring / 4950-OP1 Hex Wrench


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Taper Drill

  • taper drill size

  • Size1:D1
  • Size2:D2
  • Overall Length:L
  • Spiral Length:SL
  • Shank Shape:d
  •  Unit:mm

Product No. Size1  Size2 Overall Length Spiral Length Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
4950-A 25 126  76  10 1

Plug Cutter and Plug Cutter Shank

  • plug cutter size
  • plug cutter shank size

  •  Unit:mm

Product No. Name Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
4950-B Plug Cutter 10 1
4950-J Plug Cutter Shank 10 1

Replaceable Blade

  • replaceable blade size

Product No. Qty (Inner Box)
4950-K 1

※The Set screws are not set. Set screws are sold separately. (4950-OP2)

Gauge Ring

  • gauge ring size

Product No. Qty (Inner Box)
4950-G 1

Other Assembly

  •  Unit:mm

Product No. Name Size Qty (Inner Box)
4950-OP1 Hex Wrench - 1
4950-OP2 Set screw for fixing Replaceable Blade 5×15 1

Bits of knowledge

  • Gauge Ring helps you to decide wood size.
  • Spiral taper drill (for thin board) is preferred for around 10mm board.
    taper drill for thin board No.4950-A Taper Drill has too sharp angle spiral for thin board it goes too deep.
    On the other hand, a taper bit for thin board has gentle angle spiral for thin board.
    Able to drill in proper depth hole.


How to use

shave plug drive a wooden plug
@Shave with a taper drill along the diameter of knot. AShape with a wood plug under a branch a little thicker than the hole of the knot. BDrive a wooden plug coated with a bond agent into the hole made in the knot with taper drill.
Cut off the projecting part of the wooden plug, plane sand finish to it, and it will turn into a beautiful live knot instantly.