No.82 Double Spur Drill

For cross laminated timber (CLT), hard wood, synthetic tie


  • Long life by T.C.T. blades and H.S.S. lead-screw.
  • H.S.S. lead-screw can be replaceable.
  • Wood chips ejection is quite smooth by Fluorine coated.


Usage CLT Wood
Hard wood
Synthetic Tie
Recommended tool(s) Electric Power Drill
RPm Range Less than 3,000 rpm
Material(s) High Carbon Steel with T.C.T. ・Fluorine coated


  • double spur drill size

  • Size:D
  • Overall Length:L
  • Spiral Length:SL
  • Shank Shape:d
  • Unit:mm

Product No. Size Overall Length Spiral Length Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
82-120 12 350  280 10 1
82-130 13
82-150 15 350 280 12 1
82-160 16
82-180 18
82-190 19
82-200 20
82-210 21
82-220 22
82-240 24


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Center Drill (Inner Drill)

  • spare center drill lead screw size
  • spare center drill brad screw size

  • Size:D
  • Overall Length:L
  • Unit:mm

Product No. Size Type Overall Length Available Drill Size Qty (Inner Box)
82-CD1030 3 Lead Type 22 12〜13mm 1
82-CD1040 4 23 15〜21mm 1
82-CD1050 5 23 22〜24mm 1
82-CD2030 3 Brad Type 24 12〜13mm 1
82-CD2040 4 25 15〜21mm 1
82-CD2050 5 25 22〜24mm 1

Bits of knowledge

  • Custom Auger bits can be made to order. (Form)


Railroad Ties Information

Railroad Ties information
Dominated more than 90% in Japan. High durability but to heavy to repair.
It is used local line now, but market is smaller and smaller. It spoils in 10 years might be a reason. 「Drill Bit」 also available for drilling.
V:Synthetic Tie
It is used for particular part, railroad or bridge. Weight is the same as wood and easy to construct. High durability and long life for 50 years. 「Drill Bit」 is worn out quickly. So it requires specific drill.
This tie is made from FFU (Fiber reinforced Urethane).
Available various length with one synthetic tie (Less warp or crack).
Variety of tie and applicable drill list
Materials Available Drill
First class synthetic tie Outside:Resign
Inside:Glass Fiber
No.82 Double Spur Drill
T.C.T. Drill (Custom made)
Second class Synthetic tie Outside:Resign
Inside:Silica Sand
No.82 Double Spur Drill
Recycled tie Pressed timber offcut from first class synthetic tie No.82 Double Spur Drill