No.5003C Multi Corner Strong " COBRA"

Ideal for drilling and screwdriving in hard-to-reach places
Full 360° movement allows to work at any angle


  • Comfortable working to drive and remove screws in hard-to-reach places.
  • Coarse thread screws up to 120mm length can be screwed.
  • Can be used with No.7M Impact Bit up to 21mm.
  • Full 360° movement for working at any angle.


Recommended tool(s) Quick Change Impact Driver (over 14.4V)
Cordless Drill (over 14.4V)
Electric Power Drill
RPm Range Less than 3,000 rpm
Material(s) Body:Aluminum die-cast
Shank:Chromium molybdenum steel
Max Torque
  • Do not over-load the Quick Change Impact Driver.
  • Tighten the bolt properly before operation.
  • Never loosen the bolt unnecessary otherwise the body rotates dangerously.
  • Do not connection use of the same body.
  • Do not use with high-torque Nut Drivers and Compressed-Air Propulsion.


  • COBRA size

  • Shank Shape:d
  •  Unit:mm

Product No. Max Torque load Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
5003C 6.35 6


How to use

◎Drilling in corners
drilling in corners drilling in corners
◎How to Adjust the angle
adjust the angle
@Loosen the bolt with hex wrench.
AAdjust the angle.
BTighten the bolt firmly after fixed the interlocking.

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