No.50A Drill Stand

Guide for drilling a hole accurately


  • Ideal for Straight holes, Center holes, Dowel holes, Round bar processing, Angled pocket holes, Wooden plugs and Locks.
  • Can be used drills of 1.5mm〜10mm shank with a Drill chuck.


Recommended tool(s) Electric Power Drill
Cordless Drill (over 14.4V)
Quick Change Impact Driver (over 14.4V)
RPm Range Less than 3,000 rpm
Material(s) High Carbon Steel
Base & Holder:ABS


  • drill stand size

  • Wide of Slide bar:a
  • Inner Dia of Base:b
  • Shank Shape:d
  •  Unit:mm

Product No. Application Wide of Slide bar Inner Dia of Base Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
50A OAL:up to 210mm
 S/D:1.5mm up to 10mm
80 57 6.35 3


  • drill stand parts

Product No. Parts Name Qty (Inner Box)
50A-OP1 @Base 1
50A-OP2 ASlide holder 1
50A-OP3 BSlide bar 1
50A-OP4 CMain shaft 1
50A-OP5 DStopper 1
50A-OP6 ELock pin 1
50A-OP7 FWing bolt 1
50A-OP8 GO-ring 1
50A-OP9 HShaft stopper ring 1
50A-OP10 IScrew 1
50A-OP11 JSpacer 1
50A-OP12 KBolt 1
50A-OP13 LKnob 1
50A-OP14 MDrill chuck 1
50A-OP15 NChuck key 1

Bits of knowledge

  • Max Working stroke - 150mm for a straight hole.
  • Max Diameter - 22mm for a 45° angled pocket hole.


  1. 1. Shaft stopper ring does not come off.
    A snapring flyer is necessary to remove shaft stopper ring.


How to use

◎Straight holes ◎Center holes and Dowel holes with a lock pin ◎Round bar processing with V groove
Straight holes Center holes and Dowel holes with a lock pin Round bar processing with V groove
◎Angled pocket holes ◎For Wooden plugs ◎For Locks
Angled pocket holes For Wooden plugs For Locks
◎How to Remove a Drill chuck
How to Remove a Drill chuck When removed a Drill chuck from the Drill stand, fix the silver part firmly with a vise as per the left picture.

Installed a main shaft with a Quick Change Impact Driver and turn it in reverse to remove the Drill chuck.