No.36X Adjustable Circle Cutter with Hex Shank

Ideal for Quick Change Impact Driver


  • Range in size 30mm to 120mm.
  • Smooth and speed work by twin-blades.
  • Use the hex wrench in the attachment to adjust the sizes.
  • 6.35mm hex shank for Quick Change Impact Driver.
  • Drilling into thin board or gypsum board is available.


Usage Wood (Thin board)
Gypsum Board
Recommended tool(s) Quick Change Impact Driver
Cordless Drill
Electric Power Drill
RPm Range Less than 3,000 rpm
Material(s) Body:High Carbon Steel
Center Drill:High Carbon Steel
Replaceable Blade:High Speed Steel
Capacity Hole sizes 30mm - 120mm
Applicable depth:Single face 12mm / Both side 24mm
  • When you use with Quick Change Impact Driver, too much impact may cause the shank break.
  • No long bar available, long bar of another circle cutter series will not be fit.


  • adjustable circle cutter with hex shank size

  • Unit:mm

Product No. Name Size Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
36X Set 30×120 6.35 6


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Replaceable Blade

  • replaceable blade size

  • Unit:mm

Product No. Description Qty (Inner Box)
36X-K 2pcs Set 6

Center Drill

  • center drill size

  • Size:D
  • Overall Length:L
  • Spiral Length:SL
  • Shank Shape:d
  • Unit:mm

Product No. Size Overall Length Spiral Length Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
36X-CD 8 55 20 8 1


  • bar size

  • Unit:mm

Product No. Length Thickness Qty (Inner Box)
36X-B120 120 8 1

※ Bar includes safety stopper.

Other Assembly

  • other assembly size

  • Unit:mm

Product No. Name Size Qty (Inner Box)
36X-OP1 Center Drill set screw 8×12 1
36X-OP2 Bar set screw 8×12 1
36X-OP3 Holder set screw (1pc) 5×15 1
36X-OP4 Replaceable Blade set screw (1pc) 5×10 1
36X-OP5 Safety Stopper (1pc) 5×6 1
36X-OP6 Hex Wrench 4 1
36X-OP7 Main Shaft - 1
36X-OP8 Holder without Replaceable Blade Left 1
36X-OP9 Holder without Replaceable Blade Right 1

※ Main Shaft includes Center Drill set screw and Bar screw.

※ Holder (Right and Left) includes holder set screw and spare blade set screw.

Bits of knowledge

  • In case of breaking the main shaft due to the overload of Quick Change Impact Driver, changing only the Main shaft is available.
  • If the drill rotation stops during its drilling, the cause of rotation stop is overload impact. When the Quick Change Impact Driver is likely to cause the impact hitting, slightly move upward and downward the Quick Change Impact Driver.


Adjustable Circle Cutter series Other Assembly list (PDF)

Adjustable Circle Cutter series Other Assembly list
Adjustable Circle Cutter series Other Assembly list