No.5010A Adjustable Circle Cutter 75

Narrow space and plumbing works


  • Range in size 25mm to 75mm.
  • CLT-28mm thickness.
  • Smooth and speed work by twin-blades.
  • Easy size adjustment without tools.
  • Work for plumbing of sink, bathroom, kitchen in narrow space.


Usage Wood
Gypsum board
Recommended tool(s) Electric Power Drill
RPm Range Less than 1,500 rpm
Material(s) Body:High Carbon Steel
Center Drill:High Speed Steel
Replaceable Blade:High Speed Steel
Capacity Hole sizes:25mm - 75mm
Applicable depth:Single face 30mm / Both face 60mm
  • Please do not use concrete(hummer) drill, Quick Change Impact Driver.


  • アジャスト自在錐 寸法図

  • Unit:mm

Product No. Name Size Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
5010A Set 25×75 10 3


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Replaceable Blade

  • アジャスト自在錐替刃 寸法図

Product No. Description Qty (Inner Box)
5010A-K 2pcs Set 6

Center Drill

  • アジャスト自在錐センタードリル 寸法図

  • Size:D
  • Overall Length:L
  • Spiral Length:SL
  • Shank Shape:d
  •  Unit:mm

Product No. Size Overall Length Spiral Length Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
5010A-CD 6 66 28 6 900円

※5010A-CD:Shared use of replaceable center drill for No.5010AT.

Other Assembly

  • アジャスト自在錐 その他パーツ

  • Unit:mm

Product No. Name Size Qty (Inner Box)
5010A-OP1 Center Drill set screw M5×5 1
5010A-OP2 Black Handle (1pc) - 1
5010A-OP3 Spare Blade set screw (1pc) M5×5 1

Bits of knowledge

  • This model has been with the finely adjusted screw for not attaching the dust and minimized its malfunctioning. When the move has become dull, use the air duster to eliminate the dust.


  1. 1. A little bit flappy fitting on the blade. This is allowed tolerance for quality.
    No problem.



  • アジャスト自在錐 製品カタログ

How to use

 ◎How to adjust the size
黒ハンドルを緩める 調整ハンドルを回す
@Loosen the Black Handle for both side. AEither using adjustable handle to decide target size.
サイズを合わせる 黒ハンドルを締め付ける
BSet with guid for scale mark. (Sale mark is only as a guide.) CFixed both of black handle.

Adjustable Circle Cutter Series (PDF)

Adjustable Circle Cutter Series

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