No.45H H.S.S. Mushroom Bit (Spiral Type )

Ideal for drilling a hole of inoculate mushrooms


  • Suitable for drilling deep holes designed spiral flute for clean chip removal.
  • Durability with High Speed Steel.


Usage Natural logs
Recommended tool(s) Electric Power Drill
RPm Range Less than 10,000 rpm
Material(s) High Speed Steel


  • しいたけビットラセン型ハイス鋼

  • Size:D
  • Overall Length:L
  • Spiral Length:SL
  • Shank Shape:d
  •  Unit:mm

Product No. Size Overall Length Spiral Length Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
45H-080 8 80 35 6.5 10
45H-083 8.3
45H-085 8.5
45H-086 8.6
45H-088 8.8
45H-090 9
45H-092 9.2
45H-095 9.5
45H-100 10
45H-120 12 85 35 6.5 10
45H-125 12.5
45H-127 12.7
45H-135 13.5
45H-150 15

Bits of knowledge

  • Recommend drilling holes to make a gap 5-10mm in the bottom of the hole for "Spawn run".
  • When adjust a Depth Stopper, leave a working part to prevent of getting stuck of chips.
  • How to Adjust a Depth Stopper
    Leave a working part more than 5mm prevent of getting stuck of chips.


How to use

@Drilling holes in a natural log AInoculation BInoculated completion
原木に穴あけ 植菌 植菌完了
CRestration DFruiting Harvesting time is different from countries and you can harvest fresh and juicy mushrooms after 1-2 years.

You will find mushroom growing kits at DIY shops. Let's raise your own tasty mushrooms !
本伏せ 収穫