Product Info

No.75HT H.S.S. Taper Point Bit (Titan Coating)

Makes pre-holes for nail or screw to prevent breaking the wood
Recommended for Hard wood, also to Laminated wood


  • Making pre-holes, to prevent break the wood when hitting nails and tightening screws.
  • Applicable for hard wood, also to laminated wood with the high durability H.S.S.Titan Coating Bit.
  • Tapered and single flute bit style features good bites to the woods and smooth wood chip ejection.


Usage Hard Wood
Laminated wood
Hard Building Materials
Particle Board
Recommended tool(s) Quick Change Impact Driver
Electric Power Drill
RRm Range Less than 3,000 rpm
Material(s) H.S.S. with Titan Coating
Markings markings


  • h.s.s. tapaer point bit (titan coating) size

  • Size:D
  • Overall Length:L
  • Spiral Length:SL
  • Shank Shape:d
  •  Unit:mm


Product No. Size Overall Length Spiral Length Shank Shape Qty (Inner Box)
75HT-030 3 110 45 6.35 12
75HT-040 4 125 60 6.35 12
75HT-050 5 135 70 6.35 12
75HT-060 6


Product No. Set Description Qty (Inner Box)
75HT-SA A Set 3, 4, 5mm (1pc) 6
75HT-SB B Set 4, 5, 6mm (1pc)

Bits of knowledge

  • Custom Auger bits can be made to order. (Form)


  1. 1. How deep should the pre-hole will be?
    Make a pre-hole of 2/3 to half the length of the screw.
  2. 2. Which part of the taper point bit is indicated as size 3mm?
    The size 3mm is indicated at the most biggest diameter of the taper point bits.
  3. 3. What is size to match the screw?
    Refer to the below guideline.
    Taper Point Bit Size Applicable screw sizes
    3mm 2.1〜2.7mm
    4mm 3.1〜4.5mm
    5mm 5.1〜5.8mm
    6mm 6.1〜6.5mm