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No.7001 Drill Roll Bag-mini

Drill Roll Bag-mini
Package presentation
Example of use
Drill Roll Bag-mini
Package presentation
Example of use

A mini type of storage bag that can be rolled up and carried around



Material(s) Body:Denim + Polyurethane
Inner part:600D Polyester + Polyurethane
Inside mesh pocket:Polyester mesh + nylon, 600D polyester + polyurethane
Handles and belts:Nylon
D hook:Plastic
Number of storage pockets 15 pockets
Weight 119g


Drill Roll Bag-mini
Drill Roll Bag-mini寸法

Width:W Height:H Unit:mm

Product No. Width Height
7001 436 160

QTY(Inner Box):10pcs

Bits of knowledge

with pigeonholes

With grommets

It has grommets with an inner diameter of 10 mm, so you can hang it on the wall. It's also good for display storage.

Adjustable length.

Adjustable length

It comes with a buckle that allows you to adjust the length depending on what you want to put inside. You can roll it up and snap it into place even if it is a little bulky.


Comes with a handle for easy carrying

Put your tools inside and roll it up. You can carry it compactly. You can also use it as a bag-in-a-bag because of its mini size.

Blade edge protection

Blade edge protection

After storing the tools in the pockets, you can put the cover on top to protect the cutting edges.

Mesh pocket

With pocket

It has a mesh pocket on the inside. It is convenient for storing coins, memo pads, and other small items. It opens and closes with a zipper.

D hook

With D hook

It can be hooked in a rolled state.


How to use

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