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No.50R Drill Stand RULO

Drill Stand RULO
Package presentation
Example of use
Drill Stand RULO
Package presentation
Example of use

Multi-purpose drill accessory.



Material(s) Aluminum
Recommended tool(s) Cordless Drill (over 14.4v)
Electric Power Drill
Technical data Max Diameter:57mm
Max Overall Length:220mm
Shank Shape:1.5mm up to 13mm
RPm Range Less than 2,500 rpm
Shank Shape Three Flats:Three Flats
  • Tighten the drill chuck and lever securely before operation.
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment when using.
  • The base of the Drill Stand RULO should be secured firmly by clamp or by hand.
  • Please note that the main body may fall over when angled.
  • The chuck key can be stored by the keyholder. When using, remove the chuck keyholder and fix the O-ring securely.


Drill Stand RULO

Height:H Width of Slide bar :a Inner Dia of Base:b Shank Shape:d Unit:mm

Product No. Height Width of Slide bar Inner Dia of Base Shank Shape
50R 367.5 99 60
10Three Flats

Inner Box:1pc


parts name
Base (with rubber sheet)
Guide (with bush)
Main shaft
Guide bar
Lock pin
Shaft stopper ring
Flat washer
Shaft stopper ring
Cam lever
Set screw
Chuck Keychain
Drill chuck
Chuck Handle
Product No. Parts Name
50R-OP1 Base (with rubber sheet)
50R-OP2 Guide (with bush)
50R-OP3 Main shaft
50R-OP4 Guide bar
50R-OP5 Lock pin
50R-OP6 Stopper ring
50R-OP7 Hexagon socket button head bolt
50R-OP8 Spacer
50R-OP9 Plain washer
50R-OP10 Shaft stopper ring
50R-OP11 O-ring
50R-OP12 Cam lever
50R-OP13 Set screw
50R-OP14 Chuck keychain
50R-OP15 Drill chuck
50R-OP16 Chuck key

Bits of knowledge

Advantage points

temporarily fixed

Temporary fixing

The supplied set screw is useful for temporary fixing when set up drills.

Drilling at a fixed depth

Drilling at a fixed depth

The supplied stopper ring allows drilling at a fixed depth.

adjust angle

Easy to adjust angle

Lever-type handle for easy angle adjustment. The scale is marked clearly for easy to see.

with gauge

Smoother centered-hole

The gauge on the base allows to make centered holes smoothly.


Not Slippery

The bottom of the base has a rubber sheet to prevent slipping.

Chuck Keychain

Stored Chuck key

The chuck key can be inserted into the chuck keyholder.

Centering a square piece of wood

Centered holes in square timber

Lock pins to hold the guide sequrely in place on flat surfaces in square timber.


How do I remove the Shaft stopper ring from the Drill guide?
It can be removed using outer snapring pliers.

snap ring pliers
Grasp the grip section
Which holes are for the screw mounting the workbench and for the lock pin?
There are four holes on the base of the Drill Stand RULO. The lock pins are inserted at the time of purchase.

Drill Stand base
The Cam lever does not move when adjusting the size.
Is the Cam lever turned down in the correct direction? When the Cam lever is tilted in the opposite direction, it will be tightened and may result in breakage.

Cam lever

①At first, the both Cam levers lie down in the same direction (The base should be placed in an inverted triangle).

from the front to the back

②Tilt the right Cam lever forward to loosen it.


③Slide the left Cam lever outward and tilt it forward (to nearly vertical). (Slide the Cam lever to unlock so that it can more back and forth.)

Front to back.

④Slide the Cam lever back and align it to the point where it clicks into place (Fix the angle).

Front to back.

⑤Tilt the Cam lever backward to loosen it. Adjust the angle and tighten the left and right Cam levers

※For the left picture is shown to work without gloves, but always wear gloves during actual work.

When adjusting the angle, I cannot turn the Cam lever due to against the base.
The Cam lever can be slid outward. When you slide it, you can turn the Cam lever.

Cam lever hits the base.

①When adjusting the angle, it may be difficult to turn the Cam lever against the base depending on the angle.

Pull outward

②Hold the yellow part of the Cam lever and turn it while sliding it outward, it will not hit the base part.

※For clarity, the left picture is shown to work without gloves, but always wear gloves during actual work.


How to use

Straight holes

Straight holes

Angled pocket holes

Angled pocket holes

round bar processing

Round bar processing with V-groove

Center hole machining on square material

Centered holes in squared timber




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