No.4951 Steel Type Edge Trimmer

Cutting off for edge banding tape


  • This Cutter are used for cutting off excess edge banding tape on furniture and furnishings.


Usage Edge banding tape
Material(s) High Carbon Steel
Re-Sharpen Yes (How to re-sharpen)


  • steel type edge trimmer size

  • Overall Length:L
  • Width:W
  • Height:H
  • Unit:mm

Product No. Size Overall Length Width height Qty (Inner Box)
4951-M Chamfer 1.0 60 15.5 20 6
4951-M06 Chamfer 0.6 6
4951-K Square 6

Bits of knowledge

  • Cutting off for wood veneer edge banding tape are needed, the Neo Sharp can be used.
  • Cutting off for safety and security films are needed, the Ceramic Type Edge Trimmer can be used.



  • leaflet

Square and Chamfer

  • square
  • chamfer

How to re-sharpen?

Usage sharpening oil stone

1. Both of surface A & B files forward repeatedly only by parallel motion. Do not file in reverse.
how to re-sharpen 1 how to re-sharpen 2
2. A & B files by width of C point reaches 1mm.
how to re-sharpen 3 how to re-sharpen 4

Associated Product

  • ceramic type edge trimmer
  • grip type edge trimmer
  • NeoSharp